Asset Identification Research

“Legal Investigations and Information Specialists Orbital Network”


For the client that requires up to date definitive and accurate intelligence data regarding an individual and or a corporate entity, these specialist reports cover where required, all parts of the Globe.

Here at LIS our “Asset Research Specialists” have access to unique Global Data Sources and combined with years of Investigative expertise have the capabilities to identify Assets Worldwide.

As with our Background reporting our clients include Private individuals, Corporate entities and Legal sectors where either they or their client’s need to know what assets an individual and/or company may have.

The necessity for these investigations can be for example where we are instructed to conduct Asset research enquiries due to a debt arising from either a business agreement or loan and also where the client has been defrauded of monies by a dishonest individual or entity.

In other circumstances, it is where a client, having been previously married, is now involved in Matrimonial Litigation and there is a requirement to ensure that there are no additional Assets that should have been disclosed. 

Other examples aside from forthcoming litigation, include prior to engaging in a business contract with an individual or company to ensure that they have sufficient assets should the need arise to guarantee the same.

Finally, we have noted more and more requirements for Asset Investigations following a “Death in the family” and where the deceased may have been outside the family circle for a long period of time and where the family would like to confirm what Assets said individual had prior to their passing.

The reasons are varied and that is why an initial LIS Impact Assessment Brief is vital at all times.

Once more our LIS Specialist Investigations Team provides full Asset Detection reports that are specifically compiled to include all available and specially gathered intelligence from Name, Passport and Driving License confirmation and authentication, and all known address history including International Land Registry (Including Full Land Charge searches) , to communications identification that may lead to assets, Full Credit checks and Specialist Anti-fraud and ID verification searches, Global Company officer research, full Global Litigation (Researching any Asset related matters) to Deep specialist web research including Social Media sources which again has proven extremely useful in identifying assets such as holiday homes, Vehicles etc.

The above are only some of the enquiries that are undertaken by our Specialist Investigators and each enquiry is specifically “Tailor made” to ensure all our clients expectations have been not only met but as always excelled upon.   


All our enquiries are subject to the relevant guidelines set by the Government including new (GDPR) which are strictly adhered to by all of our personnel.

All our enquiries are subject to the relevant guidelines set by the Government and which are strictly adhered to by all of our personnel. We ensure that all our trace services are confirmed with at least three individual sources.

REMEMBER: As with all our enquiries, LIS provides our clients with an initial “LIS Impact Assessment Brief”  which allows us to correctly evaluate your needs, swiftly assess the most suitable enquiries and approach required, and ensure you are provided with a suitable fee structure all installing client confidence that your Investigation requirements are in capable professional hands.