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Commercial  and Civil Litigation Research

At LIS we have a team of Litigation Research Specialists who provide Global coverage in identifying both current and historic Court matters regarding both individuals and corporate entities.

Our research includes commercial, civil and criminal litigation matters.


LIS has spent many years compiling database sources that include all types of Court Houses from High Courts to Supreme Courts and Criminal Courts worldwide. Our Criminal record research is conducted within the confines of the GDPR guidelines and all information can be presented in a Court of Law.


We have the capabilities to research historic matters going back decades and where possible can provide Court filings and hearings data.

Here at LIS our litigation research includes full OSIR (Open Source Intelligence Research) with our raw data extraction team and research specialists that work side by side to obtain the optimum results.  Where it is necessary we conduct telephonic enquiries with the Courts direct.

There may be a particular country of interest that you would like us to concentrate on and we have the capabilities to conduct enquiries at any particular Court to identify any Litigation matters or hearings thereat.

As with all our enquiries, we provide our clients with an initial “LIS Impact Assessment Brief”  which allows us to correctly evaluate your needs and swiftly assess the most suitable approach. We aim to ensure our clients are provided with a suitable fee structure that exceeds their expectations.


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