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Background Due Diligence Research



For the client that requires up to date definitive and accurate information on an individual and or a corporate entity, our specialist reports leave no stone unturned.

Our background research specialists at LIS have cutting edge data sources combined with years of Investigative expertise to ensure that you are totally “In the know” when it comes to having to make decisions regarding an individual and/or company.

These decision-making tasks can be due to numerous reasons such as the following:

To assist clients within the Legal sector who need to know what assets an individual may have prior to litigation. For example: Does the individual and/or Company have assets to recover and/or the ability to re-pay a debt. Will any litigation end successfully and in their favour or will the client waste time and money engaging in litigation where the subject individual has nothing to recover?

To assist our clients whom are contemplating engaging into a contract between individuals and their respective companies and who in the first instance would like to take a closer look at the background of said individuals and their concerns.

Our job is to answer all these questions and more.


All our enquiries are subject to the relevant guidelines set by the Government including current (GDPR) and which are strictly adhered to by all of our personnel.



As with all our enquiries, we provide our clients with an initial “LIS Impact Assessment Brief”  which allows us to correctly evaluate your needs and swiftly assess the most suitable approach. We aim to ensure our clients are provided with a suitable fee structure that exceeds their expectations.

“Legal Investigations and Information Specialists Orbital Network”


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