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Your Security

LIS - Intelligence Research Specialists

The LIS Group are Data Protection Registered under no: Z775228X


All our Client’s data whether initially provided or that which LIS investigate and report upon is paramount when it comes to being securely stored and reported upon. Complete and utter confidentiality is our work ethos at all times.

All information imparted by us or supplied to us in the first instance or during any investigation is kept, stored and utilised within strict guidelines upheld by the “GDPR” regulations and guidelines of current disclosure and confidentiality laws.


Under no circumstances shall we impart, share or disclose any information provided by our clients or that which we discover during an investigation to any third party or entity without strict prior consent from our client.

Our user-based access and permissions make information distribution safe and effective at all times. We ensure who has the capability to see what, with as much or as little detail as you please.


All matters including those of an extremely sensitive nature have security passwords and level 1 internet protection.   


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