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Corporate Intelligence Research



We have been providing our clients with International Corporate Intelligence Reports for over 30 years no matter what part of the globe the subjects are situated.

We have a team of fully experienced, diligent Company Research Specialists whom we believe are second to none when it comes to conducting in-depth investigations and compiling Corporate Intelligence Data providing the “Decision-makers” with optimum foresight prior to any business decision.

We ensure you have the right information whether it be prior to engaging in a contract or the recovery of assets.

​Again with all Investigations, the need for Corporate Intelligence can be vast, whether it be needing to know either where a Company has re-located without notifying those they have prior commitments with. Assessing their capabilities to either repay a debt or to ensure that they are able to comply with any form of Contractual Business Agreement, to ensuring that all information you have initially been provided with regarding a Company or its Officer is accurate and true in its entirety.


​As part of our Corporate Intelligence Services LIS provide full Company Officer Intelligence reports that complement our Company Background Intelligence data anywhere around the Globe.


​Again these investigations and reporting can be of the utmost importance to ensure you have the right information prior to engaging in business with another person or entity allowing you the “Edge” regarding any form of business negotiations or background knowledge of an individual.

All our enquiries are subject to the relevant guidelines set by the Government and which are strictly adhered to by all of our personnel. 

As with all our enquiries, we provide our clients with an initial “LIS Impact Assessment Brief”  which allows us to correctly evaluate your needs and swiftly assess the most suitable approach. We aim to ensure our clients are provided with a suitable fee structure that exceeds their expectations.

“Legal Investigations and Information Specialists Orbital Network”


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