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Global Surveillance Services

At times there is a requirement to undertake Surveillance to assist with our desktop research and in addition to our Intelligence reports we have been providing our clients with Surveillance intelligence since our incorporation.

All our Surveillance Agents are carefully chosen and who have a wealth of experience on both Covert and Overt operations.

We utilise specialised bespoke technology and provide you with detailed reporting and Imagery.

With offices situate uniquely around the Globe we can implement Surveillance operations at short notice when required.


Prior to undertaking any Surveillance assignment, we ensure all initial data regarding a subjects location is accurate and confirmed.

Our specialist enquiries can identify where a subject may be at a particular time or event and also confirm future engagements.


As with all our enquiries, we provide our clients with an initial “LIS Impact Assessment Brief”  which allows us to correctly evaluate your needs and swiftly assess the most suitable approach. We aim to ensure our clients are provided with a suitable fee structure that exceeds their expectations.


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