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People Locating Research

Our People trace specialists at LIS have vast experience when it comes to locating individuals whether it be for the Private individual or for those involved in the Corporate and Legal sectors.


We have we believe, an enviable reputation in this field of expertise and our methods have a proven track record to providing accurate, definitive locate data when an individual has moved from a prior location.


LIS can provide accurate address data for an individual or entity within hours upon receipt of an instruction.

Below are just some of the reasons for instructing LIS to obtain a fully up to date address for an individual or company that has relocated from their original place of residence or business:


Our services include the locating of:

•Absconders of Debt

•Missing Kin/Friends

•Legal Witnesses

•Individuals involved in Litigation

•Inheritance purposes

•Third parties involved in accidents

•Missing policyholders

•As part of a background or asset report


All our enquiries are subject to the relevant guidelines set by the Government and which are strictly adhered to by all of our personnel. We ensure that all our trace services are confirmed with at least three individual sources.








As with all our enquiries, we provide our clients with an initial “LIS Impact Assessment Brief”  which allows us to correctly evaluate your needs and swiftly assess the most suitable approach. We aim to ensure our clients are provided with a suitable fee structure that exceeds their expectations.


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